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United States

15506 Dupont Avenue
Chino, CA 91710

Services: Powder and liquid flavors

Regulatory Information

Our team is versed in preventative controls with supporting programs in place to meet our stringent quality systems, including environmental monitoring, foreign supplier verification program, quality control, and supplier approval program to ensure our ingredients are meeting finished product requirements.

Mosaic Flavors/OC Flavors employees continuously undertake training and food safety exercises and implement safety monitoring and programs in our plant to put our customers' minds at ease.

  • Traceability exercises
  • Food safety training
  • Production safety training
  • Preventative controls
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Allergen program
  • Sanitation program
  • BRCGS certification, a recognized GFSI benchmarked certification
  • Kosher certification by Orthodox Union
  • Organic certification by Quality Assurance International

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