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1501 Saint-Regis Blvd.
Dollard-Des-Ormeaux, Montreal, QC, Canada
H9B 3H7
+1 514-684-0000

Services: Liquid flavors and essential oils

Regulatory Information

Mosaic Flavors/Novotaste maintains a certification recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative. With these actions, and the implementation of the requirements of FSSC22000 within our daily operations, the policy of food safety is:

  • Appropriate in regard to the activities of the facility.
  • Conforming to the typical regulatory requirements (FSSC22000, Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Food and Drug Administration, Food and Drug Regulation, Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act, precursor control regulations, and respecting the requirements of our clients.
  • Communicated, implemented, and maintained at all levels of the organization.
  • Reviewed continuously by the HACCP/GFSI team in order to adapt to daily operations.
  • Communicated in an adequate manner internally and externally via signage or media.
  • Supported by measurable and defined objectives that are reviewed annually.
  • AIB International Certification Services
  • Food Safety System Certification 22000(FSSC22000)
  • Organic Product Certificate - Ecocert®
  • Montreal Kosher - Canada's Kosher Certifier
  • Approved Known Consignor - Transport Canada Air Cargo Security Program

To provide our customers with safe, reliable, and high-quality products and eliminate the risks of allergen contamination, we have adopted the following protocols:

  • Mosaic Flavors stringently adheres to the list of allergens established by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for the allergen management of all raw materials.
  • Soy and sulfites are the only allergens permitted within Mosaic Flavors/Novotaste’s production, and the use of these is strictly controlled. Any product containing one of these allergens will be clearly labeled, identified, and segregated.
  • Mosaic Flavors/Novotaste is an entirely nut-free facility.
  • A detailed allergen risk assessment is included in Mosaic Flavors/Novotaste’s HACCP system.
  • Cleaning procedures are systematically monitored, verified, and validated.
  • All inventory management procedures and production organization are managed to reduce the risk of potential allergen cross-contamination.
  • All production, quality control, and quality assurance staff are provided training on allergen risk awareness.
  • All incoming materials are sourced from reliable suppliers only, which have undergone a stringent approval process. Allergen and other quality documentation from suppliers is verified and kept up to date.

Additionally, Mosaic Flavors/Novotaste recognizes the industry's concerns about other cross-contamination risks, such as GMOs. Whether it be physical, biological, or chemical—from reception to shipping and all along the production process—we have implemented strict protocols to prevent cross-contamination.

At Mosaic Flavors/Novotaste, we strive to ensure the security of the supply chain. The safety, traceability, and reliability of our products are a priority. We are committed to taking every precaution in delivering the highest quality products and services to our customers; this is achieved by rigorous security and bioterrorism protocols.

Mosaic Flavors'/Novotaste’s facility, area, and buildings are secured through security alarms and cameras, reinforced steel doors, key card access, and strategically placed lighting. All non-food-grade ingredients are securely locked away and only authorized personnel have access. The site is routinely monitored to ensure all security systems are in place. The water supply area is secured. Samples of the water are taken routinely and tested by a certified laboratory as well as by various authorities including the Quebec Ministry of the Environment. Visitors are required to access the facility via the main entrance and are escorted throughout the premises. Upon entry, they are required to register and are issued visitor badges, which must be visible at all times. Upon departure, visitors are required to sign out and return their visitor badges.

All cargo is inspected, loaded, and off-loaded by Mosaic Flavors/Novotaste receiving and shipping personnel. Truck drivers are restricted to the shipping/receiving area and are at all times monitored by Mosaic Flavors/Novotaste personnel. No cargo is received without the required paperwork (bill of lading and customs documentation if applicable). Additionally, Mosaic Flavors/Novotaste is an approved known consignor for Transport Canada’s air cargo security program. All employees undergo background checks and application verifications upon hiring and all relevant safety and bioterrorism training is administered.

Computer access is monitored by the IT department and is secured through firewalls, virus scans, and secured servers. Passwords are required for access to Mosaic Flavors'/Novotaste’s intranet system and are changed regularly. Backups are conducted on a daily basis and maintained by the accounting department. Access to the server is restricted through lock and key and is overseen by the IT department. Every incoming and outgoing product is analyzed by the quality control laboratory. Finished goods are packaged in UN-approved packaging (if required), and procedures are in place to maintain product integrity during transport. Transport of both raw materials from suppliers and finished products to customers is completed by pre-screened and approved transport carriers.

Mosaic Flavors'/Novotaste’s success is built on the success of its customers. Our continued contribution to the safety, security, and quality of our customers’ supply chains is a critical component of our mission—a driving force for continuous improvement and reinvention. With our commitment to establishing long-term partnerships with both suppliers and customers, we are more than a simple provider of flavoring solutions, flavoring systems, and fine ingredients—we are an extension of your organization.

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