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Flavor Solutions

At Mosaic Flavors, our flavor creation services merge artistry and science.

Develop Your Next Flavor

We understand what brands go through to create new products, so our team of experienced flavorists uses the latest market trend data and provides you with these insights. Then we use natural and organic ingredients to create a flavor that is unique to your brand and tailor our flavors to meet your individual requirements.

Masking Unwanted Flavors

If you're struggling with the challenge of making healthy products taste great, let Mosaic Flavors help. We can mask the taste that can come from key functional ingredients in your formulations, including the undesirable notes associated with sugar replacers, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and caffeine. Our team can also reduce the bitterness that comes with many of these ingredients.

Match Your Flavor

Our flavor matching services ensure that you receive a consistent flavor profile that matches your current product's great taste.

  • Consistent flavor and quality
  • Budget-friendly options
  • Use of natural and organic ingredients

We have successfully matched over 200 flavors, and our customers have reported improved customer satisfaction with our flavor matching services. Additionally, our customers experience a 95% on-time production rate and regularly comment on our superb response time and reliability.

Taste Modulation

In the food and beverage industry, manufacturers are increasingly pressured to create healthier products while preserving taste. Our taste modulation services provide solutions to address these challenges, allowing for the reduction of certain ingredients without compromising the delicious flavors consumers love.

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