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Pet & Animal Feed

Making Food Flavorful for All

The pet food industry is rapidly evolving. More than ever, consumers are seeking pet foods with cleaner labels, more natural ingredients, and minimal processing, as well as products that offer added health and nutrition benefits. This parallels what we see in human food, which is unsurprising, as we consider our animals as extensions of our families and want to offer them the best and healthiest food available.

Mosaic Flavors is an excellent source of natural ingredients proven to both enhance the flavor of animal foods and provide various health benefits. Many essential oils that are easily incorporated into products have been shown to possess antioxidant, antimicrobial, and antiviral activities. In this way, essential oils are an excellent way to offer added value to pet foods, while also adding a richness of flavor.

Mosaic Flavors also offers a line of savory systems, from filet mignon to smoked bacon to wild turkey and rosemary. Our winning flavors are as effective and delicious in human applications as they are for pets.

Pet & Animal Feed Offerings

  • Natural food-grade scents
  • Meat, fish, and seafood flavor solutions for vegan applications
  • Essential oils and extracts as natural flavor alternatives
  • Natural seasoning and spice blend flavor solutions

Pet & Animal Feed Applications

  • Dog food and treats
  • Cat food and treats
  • Animal feed

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