Introducing Mosaic Flavors: OC Flavors and Novotaste Rebrand

October 03, 2023

[Chino, October 3] - Today marks a momentous occasion, as OC Flavors and Novotaste come together to unveil their transformative rebrand as Mosaic Flavors. This reimagined brand represents the harmonious fusion of artistry, scientific excellence, and a customer-centric approach to flavor creation.

The journey of Mosaic Flavors began with the vision of uniting agile flavor companies across North America, each company akin to a unique piece of a mosaic. Just like the intricately crafted patterns, Mosaic Flavors aims to maintain the individual service and character of each company while collectively forming a captivating masterpiece in the network.

With an acute understanding of the value of experience in the flavor world, Mosaic Flavors is bringing together innovative companies, like OC Flavors and Novotaste, with years of expertise and track records of success. This partnership combines the benefits of size and scale while preserving the personal touch that smaller companies offer.

At the core of Mosaic Flavors lies an unrivaled commitment to customer satisfaction. As part of the network, each company has the opportunity to collaborate and share knowledge. This rich exchange fuels a continuous journey of innovation and creativity that sets Mosaic Flavors apart in the flavor industry.

"We understand the challenges that food and beverage companies face in today's competitive market, and we are determined to be a trusted partner and innovative supplier that helps them conquer those challenges head-on," said Jim Miller, CEO of Mosaic Flavors. "Our unwavering focus on customization, innovation, and quality propels us to exceed our customers’ expectations."

At Mosaic Flavors, the sum is genuinely greater than its parts. By weaving flavor companies, the brand has created a flavor journey that is truly unique and powerful. The mosaic of flavors and capabilities offered by Mosaic Flavors is destined to inspire and delight food and beverage companies worldwide.

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Mosaic Flavors is a customer-centric, high-quality, custom flavor producer, formed by bringing together flavor companies across North America. The brand believes in the fusion of artistry, scientific excellence, and the creation of unique flavors for the food and beverage industry. Their network of companies allows them to offer a wide range of flavors and capabilities while maintaining flexibility and delivering superior customer experiences. For more information:

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