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Our flavors are manufactured under the strictest guidelines to ensure we go above and beyond compliance with food safety regulations and exceed customer quality expectations.

Food Safety

We have many food safety programs in place including pre- and post-screening to ensure the quality and safety of the flavor you are receiving.

Mosaic Flavors U.S. Food Safety

Mosaic Flavors Canada Food Safety

Allergens & GMO Statement

See the allergens and GMO protocols we have in place at our facility in Canada.

We do all of this to ensure the integrity of our flavors!


Each customer application has different requirements, and we will do our best to help you create the label you desire. Mosaic Flavors is certified by and adheres to the high standards in every flavor we develop.

Mosaic Flavors U.S. Certifications

Mosaic Flavors Canada Certifications

Security & Bioterrorism Statement

We take the security of the supply chain seriously. Learn more about how we're handling security and bioterrorism at our site in Canada.

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